Oct 19

Just returned to The Mitten from a few years out west. Looking forward to seeing you guys perform live again soon. Any idea when we can expect more live shows?
Apr 20

Big fan from Lowell Michigan, looking forward to your performance at the Lowell Showboat Summer Concert Series on June 25! I'm showing up in the morning to get a good seat, there should be a couple thousand people there for your show. Can't wait!
Apr 09

Congrats Joshua!!
We are so excited to see you move on to the final 12 of The Voice!
Traverse City AND the State of Michigan are behind you and the incredible music scene of Northern Michigan.
Apr 08
Mike M

Joshua I recorded you on the Voice!!!!! Great job!!!!!
Mar 12
M Helen

Looking forward to seeing the band perform at the Lowell Showboat in June during the Summer Concert Series. We had the pleasure of seeing the band perform with Shout Sister Shout at the Calumet Theater in the Keweenaw Peninsula a few summers ago. Great venue and great music!
Mar 10
Jeff Shea

Looking forward to the show at the Ore Dock Brewing Co this Friday night. Hoping to hear Waltz's Waltz and Last Winter in Copper Country, if they are still in the play list. Boom Clank.
Oct 02

Haven't seen you guys since my NMU days in early 2000s. Hope you'll make the rounds of Lansing and A2 sometime!
Feb 19
Jackhammer Joe

Glad to see you guys are back on the road. Come on down to Ann Arbor. I've been sleeping in my car outside the Ark waitng for you to get here. Burr, it's been a long year or so.
Sep 12
Chelsea and Jason Kolp

Hey Guys!
We just wanted to let you know that we used "Morris & Ella" as our wedding song (just got married July 6, 2013). We love that song and now it means even more to us. :) We love you guys! Keep making music and we will keep listening.
Aug 28

We saw your concert in A2(Ark)last year and REALLY looking forward to seeing you at the Bell's Copper Harbor Fest on Sept 1st. Keep rockin'. I love Michigan...
Aug 19

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Jul 25
Tony B In Memphis

Sad news to report.

The Greyhound buses don't go to Kingston, OK anymore.

Just tried to book a ride. No go.

But I am thankful for the Clover-scented Northern breezes cooling down what should be 100+ degree dog days. It's 77-degrees right now, and going to be cool all weekend. I am going to take my boat out for some Sauger fishing up at Kentucky Dam.

Wishing you all the best.
Feb 25

Enjoying listening to Steppin' In It while at work! You guys sound great.
Sep 15

I moved away from my main group of friends a nuembr of years ago because of work, and our lives have all taken many twists and turns since such that we have all found maintaining our friendships at their previous level difficult. I still miss these friends and though I have made others, these friendships do not seem to have the same depth and it is not just because they are newer. As I get older, I find that people seem to have less time and energy for friendship among the competing demands of work and family, and I find this sad although I am guilty of it also. When I moved here, I also met some people who I felt offered potential as friends, but they seemed to already have as many friends as they could cope with and were not really interested in including any more. I would do anything to help my friends, but I could not say the same of all of them. However, one of the pleasures of getting older is that one gets more philosophical about peoples' capabilities and alters expectations accordingly. My husband remains my best friend and our relationship compensates much for any perceived shortcomings of others. I have also had the enjoyment of forging much better relationships with siblings and some relatives as we have all "grown up" a bit.
Sep 05

Steppin' In It at the Copper Harbor Trails Festival - what a perfect fit! Leave it to you guys to not let a little power outage stop the music. It was a great way to wrap up the summer months...sweet sounds of Steppin' In It echo in my heart (and my dancing feet) until next time. Please come to Marquette soon!
Aug 31

I'm so hooked!!! You guys played at my sisters wedding and loved it! You had the whole barn dancing. thanks!
Aug 16
Aaron John

When's the next time you all will be down Kalamazoo way again?
Jul 01
Don & Julie

What a great performance at the Fiddle last night!! Our first time to hear you guys and we loved it! What a harmonica player!!!

Please come to Morgantown ASAP!!
Jul 01

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks. Caught the show at the Purple Fiddle in the very small town of Thomas,WV. Wowee what a dance party. Come back soon.

May 17

Consider coming to The Livery in Benton Harbor, MI. liverybrew.com
May 03

Originally from Michigan, but i've been living in Norway for three years. Had a good camping trip the other weekend and listened lots of Steppin in it......ahhhhh.....makes me miss Michigan!

Just thought I would let you know we are enjoying your music from Scandanavia!
Apr 11
Ashleigh Doop

Is Steppin' In It touring any time soon or any of its members? Love you guys, had to move from Mich to DC...come to the east coast...check out the 930 club or DC9 to play at!
Mar 21

Come play in Newport, RI! I loved listening to you at The Upfront in college, and I need to hear some songs about Michigan... I miss my state.
Feb 16
Jerry Bass

Come on down to Buffalo. Yes - Buffalo. Nothing like Western New York in the winter!! Not that different from Michigan!!! And on Lake Erie!!!
The ghost of Richard Emanuel walks these shores.We had a direct connection to Levon Helm via a local piano player named Stan Celeste. He unfortunately passed away while recording with THE BAND in Woodstock. We love THE BAND and would Love Steppin In It here!!
Jan 15

Just heard a song from Sean on WKAR. Keep up the great work!!!
Jan 03

Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qeutsoins...until now.
Dec 04

When you guys playing the East Coast? NYC please
Oct 28

Come back to Petoskey! I swear, we won't let the sheriff know....
Oct 27

Please consider coming to the State Theater in Falls Church, VA.

Also, any plans for playing The Purple Fiddle, in Thomsa, WV? I had the best time a few years back when you all were there!
Oct 20

Come back to Madison, perhaps Stoughton and play at the Stoughton Opera House...perfect venue....

Oct 01

saw them on a PBS program and fell in love. What's the song withthe lyric like "leave a key on the doorstep". Thanks for the help.

Sep 24
Danny Fenster

Hey guys. I went to Michigan State for a year. I went to the Green Door. I've never forgotten you guys. Now I live in a small mountain/ski/party town called Telluride, Colorado. I know it's a bit out of your regular tour loop, but I'm 100% positive you guys would be fucking huge here. Let me know if I can help in any way to get you guys to play music in this magical little town.

Aug 27

Artielcs like this make life so much simpler.
Jul 30

Wish you guys were coming to Ohio -- it hurts here without your music.
Jul 26
Eric Martin

Hey hey! I just saw you guys play at the Calumet Theater in Calumet, MI and stopped outside to grab your autograph and I heard mention that you come through Moline, IL or near that area...

I don't see it on your Tour page, but do you plan to play anywhere near Moline (I live in Davenport, IA right across the river)?

If you don't have anything set up I can see if I know anyone who knows anyone and see if they can contact ya...

Again, amazing show!
Jun 28
Tony Bellomo

"Live At The Green Door," and "Steels Heal The World" just arrived at my front door, and I'm dancing my ass off, while the walls of the house shiver with the LOUD music. Fox On A Hill is OUT of "Simple Tunes For Troubled Times"... NEEEEEED a copy!

Everyone of importance, here at work, that I have played your music for are deeply impressed. As soon as I can get funding for a new Tour, I think you all will be at the top of the list for musical entertainment. Working some good contacts at out Advertising Agency for you. All my love, and thanks for the Saginaw performance. That Good Will is going to pay big in the long run.
Jun 16
Jason Hinton

hey guys just wondering if i'll see you at woodyfest this year
Jun 10
Kate Woods

Hey, we miss y'all down here in North Carolina and hope you come back soon to The Rooster's Wife in Aberdeen!
Jun 01
Jerry Bass

Caught Steppin In It on Back Stage Pass. Great group. Josh is a great singer/songwriter. Hard to believe he's from Michigan. Sounds much more Southern - Rootsy - Country *(maybe somewhere near the Mississippi River?!!). Hope you guys come to New York sometime soon! Backstage Pass gave great national exposure! Please tour more often!
May 28
G. Edwards

Heard Steppin in it, and Shout Sister Shout for the first time today on SC ETV. Very much liked what I heard. These guys are good. Best of luck from Myrtle Beach SC.
May 16

Thanks for the great music on Friday the 13th! We are so glad we got to share your music with so many people who hadn't heard it before. You've got a LOT of new fans! Closing with Gold & Silver was perfect: "Out in the garden, dancin' in the rain....." Wahoo!
Apr 24
Jeff G

Seconding the call for Red Rocks here in the foothills west of Denver...Careful though, you'll just end up moving here!
Great musicianship all around, I'm especially appreciating your harmonica work
Apr 21

can you get to red rocks amphitheatre in Denver, CO?? please
Apr 20

I'm glad someone else heard "Vernadine's". I nearly jumped out of the chair. Too cool.
Apr 19

Yo, Josh, wrote you over at Joshdavismusic.com, and I should have asked here. Is there anywhere to find chords to "My Setting Sun" online right now? The great lyrics are burned into my soul forever. Thanks for any help and thanks for all the music over the years.
Apr 18
Jack Hammer Joe

I heard it too Dizzy.
Apr 18

I could swear I heard your song 'Vernadine's' in the background of a Ford commercial the other day. One of those with the Dirty Jobs guy. Was I mistaken?
Apr 11
Jack Hammer Joe

I had the blues all winter. I saw you guys at the Ark last Friday and now I'm fine. Amazing!Great opening act too!
Apr 09

Such a fabulous show last night at the ARK! Can't wait to see you play again....so incredible.
Apr 09
Jenny L.

Saw you last night at the Ark. You played a song in your main set that I loved, but now can't find. It had spooky overtones to it and the opening was amazing. I have zero clue what the name of it was, but it had something to do with ghosts and a walk. Sorry for being so vague, but I'm trying to figure out the name and see if it is available for purchase. Thanks!!
Apr 07
Jeffrey James

Just learned to play the ghost of Richard Manuel. thanks for posting that Josh.. Keep the chords coming!!
Apr 03
matt k

you guys are great i hope you play Steamboat Queen when I see you at bells next month take care
Mar 31

I just saw that you guys were still pending on the Blissfest roster. Hope you make this year!
Mar 29
Jack Hammer Joe

Can't wait to see you at the Ark in A.A. on the 8th. Saw the Blind Pig show back in Jan. It was awsome.Does the Blind Pig have a seeing eye chicken? Just wondering. Mind your top knot pilgrim.
Mar 18

Hey! I was born in Lapeer!
Feb 21

Woke up on the couch the other night, pleasantly, to the euphonious strands of tunes from the amazing "Simple Tunes for Troubled Times" wafting from my ancient TV set. Something shot in Lansing that aired also the Ft. Wayne PBS station. You're still one of my favorite bands, and that record's still in my top 5. Love to see you come back to our area soon.
Feb 13

Caught you all a week ago at Founders in Grand Rapids, and lucky enough to again at the Traverse City Microbrew and Music Festival... both equally fantastic performances! The dancing at Founders was so entertaining, and the size of the crowd loving everything about you all in TC must've felt so good. Keep it up!
Feb 03
M Sturr

Ticked the weather is keeping me away from Founders this evening, but see you the 12th in Mainstee
Jan 24
Becky Murphy

Lucking enough to catch the Blind Pig show the other night. Absolutely amazing.
Jan 17

Ill miss seeing you in A2 @ the Blind Pig on the 22nd. Hope you drive on down to Washtenaw again soon.,
Jan 04

Any hope for a show in Houston? I've been listening for awhile and watching for you to show up in Texas anywhere... no luck yet.
Dec 16

Come back to the Big Top!!
Dec 03
Brad Moore

Well guys all I can say is thanks for comin back to the Purple Fiddle and I guess unless I make it up to Michigan I've got what another two years of withdrawal to deal with. Please don't make it so long next time. Moonshine and Steppin music just make it nice.
Nov 09

Awesome Colorado set, still my favorite band! So glad to catch you all in Denver, give kisses to the Green Door for me! *kody
Nov 06

Sorry I'm missing you guys play tonight!!! Enjoy the beautiful Colorado night!
Oct 19

@Lemon - Don't think there's a Wheatland set out there yet, but here's a link to the Hoxeyville set from a few weeks prior. Haven't listened to it though. Proceed with caution.

Oct 18


My setting sun or steamboat queen would be great! Thanks for the reply !


The ghost of Richard Manuel was just added on ultimate guitar. If anyone else was longing to learn a Steppin'in it song. It's out there !

Oct 11

@Pat - What songs would you like the chords to?
Sep 28

Lemon from Seattle here- thank you for your saturday night performance. We have all waited years to see the green door group rock wheatland late night. The whole night was amazing! Do you know if anyone taped that performance? any love from the soundboard? Mr. Monday Night (Ali) was sad he missed it.
Sep 13
Brian Harrison of The Knucklel Lickers

I'm from the UP and have listened to your cd's for a couple years and think they are fantastic. I finally caught a live set in the tent at Wheatland Saturday night. THANK YOU for what you do. As a musician I have a GREAT appreciation for what you are doing. Will try to catch an evening at the Green Door sometime. Brian
Sep 08

Are you playing near grand rapids anytime in the near future?
Sep 01

Colorado!! (please!)
Aug 31
Jeff Chelf

I think Mondays keep getting better, even after all these years. Cheers to making Monday worth looking forward to.
Aug 20

Any plans of offering a few song's chord to those of us who love the songs but aren't good enough to pick them by ear ?

Thank you
Jul 27
Steppin In Wisco

Looking forward to Sunday's show in the cheese state - see you guys in Door County!
Jul 27

Need some tour dates in the deep south. You guys could get alot of pub down here. Great music!
Jul 25

It would be great if you guys could post the lyrics to Washtenaw County on the lyrics page... Thanks!
Jul 25
Shelley Caldwell

Steppin' in It should be a WoodyFest Pastures of Plenty headliner. We always look forward to seeing you at WoodyFest. And please bring Rachel Davis back with you--what a VOICE.
Jul 20

it was great to see you guys @ Woody Fest. I would have to say you guys were my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Eureka Springs, AR.
Jul 13

We were so glad to have you guys at Blissfest. You made the weekend even better by sharing your music with us. Great job guys! Thanks. ...and we always love to hear Rachel sing with the band!!!
Jul 06

hello men - like the new one alot!!!
Jul 04
huggy bear

these tunes keep the kitchen at founder's happy for so many days on end! keepin' it sexy since 1776.

Jun 26

If anyone has the chords for Ghost of Richard Manuel, please post em'.
Jun 12
Tim O

Come to Chicago!
May 18

ps-did I mention i've got plenty of room for ya'll to crash and my roommate Moose happens to be an expert homebrewer. does that sweetin' the deal at all?
May 18
Gin Garton

Hey ya'll
Use to catch ya down at Purple Fiddle in WV but have since moved out to Spokane, WA. Do you guys have any plans of coming out west? I have a surpising number of friends out here from Michigan and general blue grass supporters. I sing your praises every chance I get. Come on out here and help my cause, will ya?

May 18

Madison misses you guys!!

Had a blast hanging out last time...maybe we can find a better place for a beer next time.
May 07

Guys, get over to Minneapolis/St. Paul this summer! Love your music.
Mar 26
Rebecca Lang

Austin, Texas needs another dose of Steppin' In It! Come on, y'all! Don't be strangers!
Mar 22
Jeffrey James

in austin tx here. missing my favorite band. hope we cross paths sometime this summer don't know if it will happen but you all are always with me. cheers mates,

jeffrey james
Mar 11

I love your music. -Looking forward to hearing you all in Three Rivers. You may enjoy Saugatuck, there are several venues that would be great, Saugatuck Brewing Company, Saugatuck Ceter for the Arts, etc. Hope to see you all in my "neck of the woods".
Feb 20

Idea... Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA... Would be a good CA venue for you guys. Greensky plays there end of next month. Come back to the West Coast! Please?!
Feb 16

Y'all must know the Gourds- we just moved to Michigan from Texas and it warms my heart to hear your music!
Feb 14

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks up here in MQT. Sure would be good to hear some of the good ole tunes off of Children Take Your Shoes Off!
Feb 03

I saw you at Rothbury last July and we sure would love to see you come out to Minneapolis at some point.

Good Luck!
Jan 10
brad moore

Boy sure would like to see ys'll come back to this podunk mountain town soon. Thomas WV
Jan 04
Mike and Kim Brenneman

YEA!! You are coming back to Iowa this weekend! Can hardly contain our excitement!
See you at both venues! Let us know if you want anything special for eats down in Donnellson. Take care on your trip!
Dec 30
Tony Bellomo

Hey, fellas!

Happy New Year to you all from down here in Memphis, TN.

I'm ever happy to see your continuing success, and look forward to seeing y'all play Memphis sometime soon! Perhaps I can assist in lining up a venue or two for you if you're passing by the area. Looks like that ol' Boarshead "Lifeline" was just the thing for you guys. I sure miss you all.

I'm doing Advertising and Marketing now-- if there is anything, anything at all that I can do for you all, just tap me.

Tony B.
Dec 03

Come play GA sometime!!! Good venue for y'all: www.eddiesattic.com in Decatur, GA (Atlanta, GA). Hope to see you when I am back in MI for the holidays
Dec 02
The UCCA Staff

We can't wait to have you guys perform at Noel Night!
Nov 30

PLEASE come to WI more...GB/Fox Valley area, I would do anything to help!...if it wasn't for that big beautiful lake in between our states it may be a bit easier. Keep up the good work fellas!!!
Nov 20

please come back to California...lots of great venues and people who love your music. Santa Cruz....please!
Oct 29
Mike Powell

I need Lyrics To Washtenaw County!! I can't find them anywhere, and I would LOVE to sing that tune. Keep up the good work guys, your music is inspiring.
Oct 26
Cindy Beth Davis

Cannot wait to host ya'll at Howmet Playhouse on October 30! Looking forward to hearing the new tunes LIVE... Tickets still available at 231-894-4048.
Oct 14

Hear you folks are playing in Lawrence Ks this Friday. Fantastic! Big circle on my calendar for this event! Thanks for coming to KS. It'll be FUN! YeeHaw!
Sep 28
Chad B

Love you dudes!
Sep 23
Diddy Really

Somebody would take rock and roll gear that doesn't belong to them? There outta be a law!
Sep 20

Congradulations Joe!!!! I just heard the news from dad.
Sep 20
Rhiann O.

Hey guys, love your music. finnaly looked up the website and thought I'd give you guys a shout! ^_^
Keep on rockin it!
Sep 18

Congrats Joe
Lucy couldn't happier she's been looking for a steel player for 4 months now

Sep 14
Rachel & Danny

Hup Hup. Just a shout out to you guys for playing at our wedding this weekend. it wouldn't have been the same without you and it was absolutely perfect. You guys are so passionate about your music and really know how to have a great time. You all helped create a really great memory.

Big Thanks,

Rachel and Danny
Sep 07
Jason Richards

Hey Fellas,
I plan on going up to Whitehall in late OCT. I am taking my wife of 7 yrs. She has never seen you guys, but I was a regular at BELLS in Kalamazoo and the Green Door on an occasional basis. I'm so EXCITED to take her to see you guys. You guys are amazing artist. But I have one question, I grew up with Bob Bryan, and that's how I began to follow you guys. But, since collage I'lve lost touch. Do you guys still jam with Bob? I'll see you guys in Whitehall, MI.

Sep 07
M Fogg

Hey guys, dig the new web page! Missed u in Lyons at OB's where Jora n I now live. Did make the Planet BG festival though. Catch ya when we can.
Aug 28
Cooper (Colorado Yooper)

We dig your music, eh!
Aug 23

No colorado love?? head west
Aug 13

Is a show in New Orleans in your future? Hope so.
Jul 28
Ryan B

Great to see you guys at Rothbury. Good to see how far you've come in the last few years since catching you last in the mitten around 06. Hope to see you here in a couple weeks in denver as well.
Jul 20

BTW, the concert posters in the gallery are great! "BOLDLY GOING NOWHERE", "your grandpa'll love it...". Awesome.
Jul 19
Brett Stanaway

Just wanted to let you guys know that the show you put on Friday at Bells was amazing. It blew my mind. Thank you
Jul 13

Everytime I see ya'll i ask myself "Why don't i go see these guys more often?" Rothbury was another reminder of that. I can't wait to catch ya at the door tonight! Keep on truckin'!
Jul 07

Fantastic set @ ROTHBURY. Great to see the sextet - you guys rocked it out and had a very good crowd for early in the day. Had a blast - keep on playin' and we'll keep on dancin'!
Jun 23

loved your set at the green door last night! It's never a let down!
May 20
Howmet Playhouse

Already looking forward to having you talented folks back again, this time for a different artistic venture. Can't wait to host you on October 30 at the Playhouse in Whitehall!

Love and best, The PH and CBD
May 12

Do you guys have any copies of "Last Winter in the Copper Country" if you do i would love to buy one to complete my Steppin' In It collection. Do you guys ever bring cd's to the green door to sell cause i always feel weird asking. I've probobaly seen you guys a hundred times between the green door and all the festivals.

Thanks for the Great Music

Apr 30

When are you guys going to play at the Green Door, just for old times sake.
Apr 29

Oh boy, so excited to see you guys and the crew at the Kaufman this weekend. I think last year's show there was the best I've seen, and am so glad you are doing a repeat. Thanks!
Apr 29

Wonder why you don't have your MAY 3rd at the Calumet Theatre gig on your schedule?
Can't wait to see you then!!
5pm in Calumet!!
Mar 27

Ken: Yah. We're actually playing @ the Flint Folk Music Society. The tour date and link have been corrected. Thanks! See you there.
Mar 26
Randy Artibee

Cant wait to see you guys again at the Howmet Playhouse on March 26th. I saw you there last year for the first time and have been completely hooked on your music!
Mar 25

On your list of tour dates you are to be in Flint, MI. on April 11. I can't find anything on the Arts Council website about where you are playing. Any clues???
Mar 18
BlueGrass Fan

Can't wait to see ya at Rothbury!
Mar 16
laurie kahn

just saw you're on the rothbury line-up...
how awesome!
Mar 10
Steppininit 's mom

The relatives up and down the Thrift Store Cowboy Tour are calling and writing and saying how fabulous you guys were. We are "quelling" with much "nachas" Come home to rainy Michigan soon. Miss ya.
Mar 03

You guys rocked the Old Town School!!! You were great as usual.
Mar 03

Nevermind!! Don't know why the Green Door website said that, but it was wrong!

You guys were great last night! (As Always!!!)

Thanks for a great show! Can't wait to see you again soon!
Mar 02

hey guys....LOVE YOU...came almost every monday last year with my husband and some friends to the green door.

we've been missing hearing you play live, so we planned a trip out to lansing for tonight a couple months back and had been listening to your music all weekend to get ready for tonight, but i just checked greendoorlive.com and it says you're not gonna be there tonight!

what a bummer :( hope everything's all right!
Feb 27

I just picked up the "Simple Tunes" CD at Meijer (what a surprise to see it there and a great bargain too!) and am thoroughly enjoying what I hear on my fist listen - great CD! Looking forward to catching you at Founders in GR in May.
Feb 27
Dr. Zoobenstein

Gentlemen! I can't wait to see you all on Thursday night in Arlington. It's about time you fellas made it back toward my neck of the woods. I'll try to drag some of my friends along to the show.
Feb 23
Ryan Headley

Awesome. Show. Great catching up with you Andy and Joe afterwards! Great to meet the Wyos too...great fit
Jan 29

hey guys, caught the Danville show, was so inspired that I am now on the hunt for a choice accordian. Ideas, Andy? Hope to catch you guys when you come back through and also Dunegrass 09 peace
Jan 25
aunt sandy and uncle otto

wanted to let you know we will be in Lansing on the 26th. We are going to the Green Door. Hope to see you then.
*Aunt Sandy
Jan 20

We need a show at the Purple Fiddle!! That valley is calling my name!
Jan 18

Great show at Royal Theater last night. I was the guy with Dunegrass shirt. You guys ripped it up - come back soon. Hope to see you at Dunegrass if not sooner. Thanks again for coming to Danville! Great news for Shout SIster Shout! Love the new songs!
Jan 02

if you climb to the top of the watertower you can see all the way to downtown!!
Dec 26
Herb Wagnergner

New Orleans, TN? Check your tour info. I love you guys. Found you at the Sewanee a few years ago. Merry Christmas!!
Dec 09
Dennis and Jaonne Griffin

Saw you guys at Off Broadway this past weekend with Ellis Paul. What a great show! purchased the new album and love the songs about Michigan. Especially since I was born and raised in Farmington! Hope you all come back to St. Louis again real soon. oh and bring Ellis Paul with you too!
Nov 20
Amy B.

Hi guys!
It's Amy from the Green Door... it's been a long time... well, five years to be exact since I left MI. I love the website and am so glad you guys are still rockin' the door on Mondays. I hope to be home in a couple of months so I will try to come down to hear the sweet sound that I miss : ) take care
Oct 28

What a great group of young men. They played at my daughters wedding on Oct. 18th.. It was a big surprise for the couple, they did alot of maneuvering to keep it as such. They played to a group of 200 and I know that they left with that many new fans from Charleston West Virginia. Thanks again for being so great. See you soon at Purple Fiddle, will bring newlyweds with us.

Oct 25

I have a perfectly good oil tank I need to get rid off.
Oct 20
Zac & Jen

Dominic, it was great to see you and meet virgil for the first time at Bush's wedding. Brought back memories new and old. Say hello to the boys, see you somewhere on the road.
Oct 18

If I do get down to K-zoo I will bring a McCain Palin sticker for ya, you can stick it on that big ole bass.
Oct 18

Ice cream is good, beer is better.....Just stay away from the kool-aid. Hope to see you guys in K-zoo next week. Later
Oct 18
The Joshers

Thanks. Obama's not quite liberal enough for us, either, but Dennis Kucinich is out of the race... Hey, here's something we can all agree on: ice cream. It's delicious!

Oct 16
Branden Van Dyke

Love watchin you guys at founders, and taken bike rides up north to see ya. Music is dead on, enjoying all the disks. According to some other messages, we dont agree on politics, just know what your getting with a vote for Barack
Oct 16
Kelly M.

I had the privilege of seeing you guys when I was in Traverse City this past Summer. Rachel Davis was also there performing with the band. It was the first time I had ever seen/heard your music. I immediately LOVED it! You guys rock - keep up the good work!
Oct 15

Thanks for appearing at the inaugural Comfy Couch Concert! You guys were great and we hope to look back on your concert as the start of a highly successful concert series and venue!
Oct 02

You were the Stars of the American River Music Festival! Thanks for sharing your music with us in Coloma. What a great place to see a great band.
Sep 30
Cheyne ('shane')

Thanks for coming to Colorado! I know its a 'long haul' on I-80, but we look forward to it each and every time your here. Every time you play out here I turn more and more people on to your music. Thanks for all the years of great times and wondeful music guys.
Sep 29

How was your birthday in Colorado Josh?? Before I forget to tell you the guy who gave you the Yellow Dog T shirt said to say hi to the band. He said to tell he is the guy who rides the bike? I ran into him at the Hawkfest on Lake Erie. He says he is a big fan of the band, do you remember him? Come back to Detroit soon.
Sep 19

Holy shit, you guys are tremendous! Come back to Monterey often so we can build you a rabid California following. Thanks for your great music, great politics, and a great time. See you during the Obama administration! Travel well...
Sep 19
Mom and Pat

Have a great trip! Don't forget to tell everyone to VOTE for Barack!
Sep 02

You guys put on a really good show in Copper Harbor on Sunday night!
Aug 23

Just found out you guys are finally coming out to CA! My wife and I are spreading the word and we'll see you in Berkeley!
Aug 19

Enjoyed your concert last sunday at charlevoix!
Aug 15
JOhn Hawkins

Just wondering if yall ever come to Nashville?? I know some folks that would love to see you! Hopefully soon. Send me word if so. Thanks, John
Aug 12

come back to brooklyn.
Aug 01

nice new album. Been working on some goods tuff lately. come up and bless strawbale with music sounds to taste of miraculous stuffs. may the water spills into your souls. yous comes and visits Duluth and have hotdish and wiffskie. way to go guys... maybe sees yous at mountains of the porcupine.
cheers yous.
Jul 30
Doug and Shelley Harper

You all entertained us at our daughter, Erin's, wedding reception. It was a great time by all! The music was awesome, as usual, and it was a nice gift to our daughter. She loves you guys and is so thrilled she got to share this special time with you all. Will be sending you some great pics, if you want to use them. Again, you made the night what it was. Thanks, boys, and we hope to be seeing you again real soon.
Jul 25
Matt Maylen

Hi , My wife Teri and I are having a massive Blowout on August 9th . There will be live awesome musical entertainment with 2 ( two) bands .

First up will be a great old timeish group of young men called
Steppin In It
they have a real neat website ( you know that )where you can learn more about them and listen to some of their music at
www. steppininit. com
We will have them on The Barn stage at 4:00 pm for a one hour set .

You should plan on getting here nice and early .

The game plan is to have dinner ready about 5:30 . This is the first Pig I've roasted and I am very gigged about it .

After we eat The extremely talented Rachael Davis will join the boys onstage for another hour of fantastic music .

The 5 of them together are known as "Shout Sister Shout"
They are awesome , listen to some of their stuff at http://www.myspace.com/shoutsistershout

It's the cats pajamas , or " The Bees Knees" as my friend Glenn would say .

All this great stuff , lots of great beer ( Bells Breweries " Oberon " ) which is quickly becoming my favorite brew for a meager $20.00

Ya just gotta come , plain and simple .

Call if you have any questions 248-506-4286
Jul 25
Mike Doughty

First saw/met you guys in Frankfurt Michigan. We had cabins adjoining each other. I wanna say it was the summer/spring 2001. Watched you guys at The Cabbage Shed. Was blown away and have been a huge fan ever since. Have turned on hundreds to your superb music. Glad to see and hear your new music. Watched you guys perform at Lees Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis and St.Cloud Minnesota. Having trouble ordering your new disc, website unavailable. Cannot wait to hear and own your new tracks. Let me know what I need to do to get myself a copy of your latest. Keep it up fellas, you guys are a special band.
-Big Mike
Jul 21

This message is for Andy. This is Joe, the guy that wanted to sleep in your truck for the summer back in 1997.

I was reading about harmonicas online and decided to see if I could find any information out about your band. I think it's awesome that you guys are still alive.

I'm coming home from Korea this fall. I've been overseas for over three years now. Maybe we can toss some disc. I'm gonna check you guys out if you're playing back in Michigan when I get home.
Jun 25
Kellie Zaplitny

I just wanted to thank you guys for staying an extra hour at my sisters wedding. I don't know if you realize, but you made our night absolutely enchanting. Every single person fell in love with you, and we couldn't of had a better night. Your music brought our family together in a way that is unexplainable. So thank you. We all hope you had some fun too.

Jun 19

Hi Boys....congrats Joe on your marriage to beautiful Emily!
Matt and I get our hurt on in the Fat Tire Fest every year, it's a tradition....can't wait to see you all there.

Jun 17
Dave Hill

Thanks for playing the 3 Men in a Boat song for my wife at Short's Brewery on May 30th. She was really excited and bought your latest CD.
Jun 17
Dr. Dan

To say that I'm diggin' the roots your laying down is a great understatement. You guys are top notch and my musical soul is now further inspired to continue laying down my own brand of down home goodness. Yall need to come up to Alaska for a tour. And you won't be dissapointed (just ask the Wailin' Jennies, Todd Snider, Hot Tuna,John Prine, Beausoleil, etc). I'll even throw in some Halibut and smoked salmon to sweeten the deal. Cheers!
Jun 16

Any chance of y'all coming to Kentucky? I'm from East Lansing and I will never forget watching y'all at the festivals/at Holidy Road in TC, etc.... God how I wish y'all would come down here - a lot of good music to be had hear(hehe), if you know where to look!
Jun 12
The Joshers

Ah, yes, we'll be in Denver at Swallow Hill. Concert on 9/27, workshops on 9/28. We'll see you there!
Jun 11

What's the deal with the swallow hill shows in Denver? I live here now and would live to see you guys again, but the swallow hill site says "no performances available" Are these dates set in stone?
Jun 02

Get your asses back to Madison will ya? ;) Love your shows...
May 31

I am so gonna be in Copper Harbor on Labor Day.

Also, I was wondering: does the carpet match the curtains? Or did you opt for linoleum?

May 25
Tomas y Los Ninos Perdidos


Saludos desde el U.P.!!!
May 25
the joshers

jp, we love NorEast'r. Fine fest, great people. Can't hit them all in a summer, unfortunately. Cheers!
May 22
jp nerowski

just saw that you arn't on the nor est'r lineup!!! was hoping to see you guys this year . was there not enough interest ? many other good acts as well. Maybe next year.
May 21

Nice curtains - they really tie the room together....
May 20
Mike and kim Brenneman Nichols Ia

Great new album,Great lyrics,Each one gets better!If thats possible,Cant wait to see ya all again
Mike Brenneman
May 14
matt maylen

WOW , I said it louder , the new sit looks way cool guys . GREAT WORK !!! See ya soon .
Apr 08
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