Bound for Glory
A stage and a barn and the middle of the night
And the wind was a’ rockin’ and the moon was just right
The sky’s an old locomotive and the clouds are just steam
With ten cars full of nightmares and 100 sweet dreams

It ain’t just the people, ain’t just the land
Ain’t just the kissing and it ain’t the shaking hands
It’s the ghost of Woody Guthrie telling me that I’ve
Got to drop all my troubles and look to the sky

He said, “Here’s to the sweethearts, here’s to the friends
Here’s to the means and here’s to the ends”
We’ll take another pull of Jack, sing a verse of “Do Re Mi”,
“I’m Sticking with the Union” and “Bound for Glory”

Woody had his hard times, had his good ones too
Traveled East and West, saw both seas shining blue
He blew shotgun holes into dark grey skies
So the sun would come down, catch his eye

He said our feet were made for walking to that sweet by and by
And from California to the New York island
It’s a mighty hard travelin’, so our voices need to rise
Up above this toil and trouble into heaven’s soft shimmering eyes


When daylight breaks on this quiet little farm
And sunlight shines through the cracks in this broken down barn
Every one of us will have spent a little time with old Woodrow
We’ll sing, “So long, It’s Been Good to Know You”


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