Charles Hatfield's Blues
See that tower going up to the sky
See the little girl with the twinkle in her eye
See those clouds roll across the land
Watch that rain come pouring in

Iím a weatherman
Got a master plan
Itís a wicked road to the promised land
Settle down, children, wonít you take my hand

I see you on the corner in your checkerboard suit
Nut-shell scamming on the new recruit
One shoe off and one shoe on
You can do the double shuffle till the cows come home

These people donít know what they got in me
Iíll thank you not to give me that third degree
Iím cutting out of here tomorrow night
I donít give a damn if you think it ainít right

Your penny ante is just a waste of time
Miss the dollar bills when youíre picking up dimes
Forget what you used to know
Stash away that fiddle and bow

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