Give My Regards to Miss Moline
Give my regards to miss moline
Big Bill Broonzy’s on the radio
Singing bout hamhocks and greens
And I’m feeling alright
I just hope that we can make it past the quads tonight
Give my regards to miss moline

Wrote her a letter in my thriftstore shorthand
Cut off my hair and went on the lam
She was the gal that I loved the most
Until she told me to save room for the holy ghost
Give my regards to miss moline

Bought some time but I paid the price
wearing down the corners of a loaded paradise
made it all the way down 61
rolling snake eyes on a hell of a run
to give my regards to Miss Molene

She looked best in crimson stagelight
I was just waiting in the wings and ain’t she a sore eye sight
Perfume and a microphone, she said
”Where’s the dewdropper gonna drive me home"
Give my regards to Miss Moline
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