The Long Haul
I wish I was a sweet lullaby
Summer rain
Train rolling by
I wish I was a six string steel
Howling at the folks
On November and Beale
I wish I was an old Chevrolet
Horse and buggy model a
I wish I was your last cigarette
I guess Iíve got a little life left in me yet

Iím that old freight liner Iím a setting sun
Got a couple hundred miles before my traveling is done
But when the stars start to shimmer on the Michigan shore
Can I come calling at your front door

Can I come calling at your door
Can I come calling at your door
Mama lay a pallet down on your floor
Can I come calling at your front door

All this life thatís left in me
Got me sinking into solid ground
Got me thinking like a refugee
Where Iím bound is where they fade away
Come round the corner hear the young folks say
Say why canít you just keep holding on
Past the last waltz is a brand new song
But I just want to listen to the same old tunes
I want to drink my cup of hemlock in the Doghouse saloon

Toss me out into the deep
The dark green water so that I might sleep
Break me up with the bones of old shellbacks
Let the waves shake me so that when I wake
Iíll be as smooth as a gentleman jack
Spin that bottle till I hit the mainland
Washed up on that golden sand
Washed up on the beaches out in Manistee
From the Straits of Mackinac across to Milwaukee
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