Subterraneous Records - Home of the best hip hop in Michigan
(Daisy) May Erlewine - Beautifully crafted heartfelt tunes.
Seth Bernard - Our favorite Michigan singer/songwriter
Those Delta Rhythm Kings - Andy's better half and the best jump blues band I'll ever know
Rachael Davis - Davis rules.
Captain Midnite - The Captain abides.
Mike Hosty - Un Hombre Malo.
The WIYOS - Vaudeville Revisited. Parrish Ellis is a monster!
Randy Crouch - The future of rock and roll!!
Shout Sister Shout - Our vintage jazz project with Rachael Davis!

Michigan Links
Elderly Instruments - Lansing's claim to fame! Home of the world's greatest string shop, hands down.
Vernors - America's oldest soft drink. Since 1866...
Koegels - Direct from Flint, MI. Serve the curve!
Lansing Lugnuts - Lansing's own single A Blue Jays affiliate. Minor league ball at it's best.
Jiffy - Chelsea, MI - In 1930, Mabel White Holmes created “JIFFY” Baking Mix, America’s first prepared consumer mix product.

Robinson Guitars - Incredible guitars made by an incredible fella.
The Professional Disc Golf Association - National Course Directory
The Capital Area Blues Society - Local blues society, a great organization that puts on killer shows.
Earthwork Music - Our musician and artist collective! Home of many fine performers and people.
The Michigan Land Use Institute - Conserving resources in northern Michigan
Blissfest - A great fest in Northern Michigan
The Wheatland Music Cooperative - Happy Wheatland!!!
The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve - Help keep Michigan's Upper Peninsula pristine!!!
Fox on a Hill - A driving force behind much Michigan music!
Seeds - Eco-heroes in our own backyard!
Great Lakes Bioneers - Hope for the future!
Sombrero Sound Company - Jim is the man.

Patrick Power - Pat took our new promo shots, and he's a great fella!
Jim Dirden - Jim is the official photographer for some great fests in the southwest. We run into him at the folk alliance conference, the old settlers fest in Austin & The Woody Guthrie Fest in Oklahoma.
Artistic Touch - There are quite a few photos from the Woody Guthrie Fest in OK.
B & B Studios - Brian Blauser is the official photographer for mountain stage.
Justin Rowe - Someday we'll have Justin with us full time taking pictures...

Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo - Yum
The Creole Gallery, Lansing - A great art and performance space in Old Town
The Purple Fiddle - A great listening room in the heart of the West Virginia Back Country
The Ark - This place is BOSS
Swallow Hill - Great venue and school in Denver, CO
The Old Town School of Folk Music - Chicago's home of folk music!

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